Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Quilted by a Longarm quilter.

 Whitewashed was taken to Rose, at The Happy Nesters to longarm quilt it.  It looks stunning.
 The fabric is covered in writing, adding lots of interest.
 Music notes.
 This one has famous buildings.
 The Eiffel Tower.
This is an all over panto design.  Longarm quilting is a way of getting quilt tops, quilted by a professional quilter, with one big quilting machine. Panto is one design which is used all over, instead of a combination of a lot of different designs, which is called custom quilting.
Diamond Hill Part III:

The block so far, have not done much the last week, life happens.
Just love the cat. Can just imagine, how it is trying to work out, to get the bird!
We once had a cat, which caught all the fish in the pond we built.
 A small quilt, using themed fabric, by a newbie with a passion for patchwork.  She designed and made it from start to finish.
Champagne Balls:
 These take about 48 hours to make, they are a special treat from South Africa!
 The best way to eat them is warm.....
The Preparation:
 This is what the process looks like, the dough after the first kneading process...
 The next day after a couple of steps, more kneading...
 Now time takes over and they have to grow...
 They need a warm place to grow....
 helping the process along, gently....
This is what the inside should look like....the taste is amazing.


  1. I love that Cat fabric.
    Your buns look yummy.
    Have a good week.

  2. What a busy week! You are right, your quilt does look amazing - and so lovely to have all that interest in the low volume fabrics!

  3. Whitewashed, the quilt, looks amazing and you are right the quilting is a beautiful enhancement. But those buns look mouth watering. Wonderful