Thursday, 9 March 2017

Painting with paper and pencils.

A Newbie made Whitewashed, you can find the free pattern here.   It is on its way to be quilted.  This was a first attempt, all the fabrics have different textures and many have writing on the fabric.
We all have to play.  So out came the pencils and paper, time to colour in some triangles. Rainbows on paper are quick to create and some other colourways.  Once everything is where one wants it, then one can take the plunge and cut the fabric.  Planning and preparation, always takes the most time.  Spending the time to get everything right, makes creating the final product seamless and a joy to do.

Diamond Hill, Part II:
 Stems and new growth.
Lollipop and swirl flowers.
The best way to end the day, watching the sunset.......

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  1. A little colour or colouring, can brighten a deary day.