Wednesday, 30 November 2016

W.I.P.S - getting ready for the holidays.

Last thursday we woke up to snow, then the rain came and it warmed up this past week.  This is what the park looked like yesterday.  Green, the snow was all gone.
As Christmas is approaching fast, a few things on the list got done as well.
The mani-pedi pouches are finished.
Christmas cards posted.
Advent caledars have gone up, the count down is about to start.
Little touches, with festive cheer is popping up all around.
Interesting centerpiece on a dining table.
Another quick project.
Working on the weekend, to finish it in time.
You-tube is a wonderful invention, especially for learning how to create something in a new way.
Loom Knitting is quick and easy.You can watch it here.
Hats, can be whipped up in no time at all.
Gifts for Birthdays and Christmas have arrived. Projects for next year, this will bust a lot of scraps...
 This Bargello, got basted, ready for quilting.
This pattern always amaze me, it is a feat of engineering.  Taking twenty fat quarters of fabric, cutting it up and sewing it together, then repeating the process, until more than 1700 pieces are sewn into one rectangle.  Not only is it unique,  it fits.   The most extraordinary thing, is the fact that it lies flat and  it works.
Last but not least, a LightScape, which is a perfect tribute, to all the lights which have gone up. All part of the anticipation of Christmas coming up.
All the letters to The North Pole, is keeping not only Postman Pat busy, but Santa and his helpers too!
The music, which gets our toes tapping and cheering everyone up, from young to old.  Our cat has a favourite.  Even animals know what they like:  All I want for Christmas, is a Hippopotamus
The Love and affection we receive, when this song plays, is priceless.

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  1. Your mani-pedi pouches look awesome. They also look great because they are done.