Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Trick or Treat......

 Halloween.  All the kids had fun trick and treating.  The candy was collected, parents walking with the little ones, from door to door and before you know it, all the children had a stash of sugar treats to last them until the next holiday, Christmas.  The little ones are the best, their costumes are sweet and they are truly what makes it a fun holiday.  Way to go, little Miss Super Spidey (Spider Woman)!

The Dye Run:
This quilt had an issue with dye running, I was planning on unpicking all the hand quilting and then washing the top with some special soap.  It is not a small quilt, so I have tried to forget about it for a while.  Then, while at Makers Club, a new friendship group, I spotted something on a table.
I had nothing to lose, so I decided to give it a whirl.  It worked to a fair degree, the quilt in question is 104 inches square.  All the dreary grey colour on the creams came out, however that pesky blue did not.  It is still there, but the overall result, is something I can live with.  The quilt will still go back to get a wash with my first option, from the quilt shop.  I think the combination of both products might do the trick.
 This is what it looks like now. 

Feathering your Nest.

This is a second quilt for a new quilter.  It is from a kit, bought at Quilt Canada 2016.
 The Completed Top.
 The blocks was created by fussy cutting them from a printed panel, then sashings of different widths were added to some blocks.
 Mitred Corners created the final borders.
 Pieced blocks with triangle squares and squares.
 Single and pieced borders.
All the borders sewn to the top.
For a new quilter, this is an amazing feat. Just using the skills she learnt from the Kitty Quilt, going forward and using them to do her next quilt, show what a quick learner she is, WOW!

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