Saturday, 12 November 2016

Baseball and polka dots, what do they have in common?

Polka dots is a personal favourite, they come in all sizes.  They are round,  so there should be nothing to them, yet they still hold their own fascination.  Growing up with brothers, one tend to play, all sorts of sports: Cricket, Rugby, Rounders to name but a few.  Then came Tennis and Golf.  Moving to North America, introduced us to Baseball and Hockey, Basket Ball and LaCrosse, to name but a few.
Both baseballs and polka dots are round, so I love them both.  They can fill in and be just the right balance when one need a neutral shape in a quilt. This is the backing to a quilt.
All the blue on this quilt, was stipple quilted by machine.
This blue has not been quilted yet.  Only the hand quilting around the animals. This anchors the design.
The borders quilted.
When the quilting is done very close to all the shapes, they pop up, which helps to create a 3D effect.
The Completed Quilt Top, next step the binding.
 The binding stitched to the front of the quilt, ready to be turned over to the back for stitching down.
 Binding done, with the embroidery finished, this was done after the machine quilting.
The sleeve at the back of the quilt , was stitched in place, before the binding was attached.
The sleeve was slipstiched onto the back of the quilt, to lie flat.  This hides the sleeve and the quilt can be used as a wallhanging or a quilt, in the nursery.  The star should always be the baby!
                                                        Welcome to the World, little one.

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  1. What a lucky little person, who received this lovely work of art!