Wednesday, 26 October 2016

The Top is Done!

The Baby Quilt Top is done, it is looking really nice and it is now ready for the next step, Quilting.
All the applique blanket stitched, by machine.
Doing everyday a bit of  work on it, twenty minutes a day.
 Daisy the cow, as I was sewing, some of the animals got names.
 Henrietta the Hippo, she seems like a happy hippo.
 It is a very festive group.
 The butterflies, the fabric is fussy cut to create the contrast on the wings.
This fabric worked really well for this purpose.
The leaves and the blue birds.
The quilt is now prepared for quilting.
This is where I first saw the pattern and the quilt, hanging from the rafters in the barn at The Hobby Horse
The leaves on the trees, which they have lost mostly in the past week.  With it came the colder weather, perfect for quilting.

                                                       Happy Birthday, Madeleine.


  1. I predict that baby quilt will wind up as a wall hanging. Are you going to put the baby's name and date of birth in the bottom border? Such a wonderful quilt, Maddy. THanks for sharing it.

  2. It is just gorgeous. I am sure it will be treasured.

  3. What a happy baby quilt, lots of great animals there. Great job!

  4. I came back and went through the post again. What fun. This time I clicked on each photo and was able to see the details. Great. Thanks for linking to WIPs Be Gonner, Maggie.