Tuesday, 4 October 2016

A fun project, making a Baby quilt.

I am busy making a baby quilt, the best part, it is a pattern I have been wanting to do for ages.
 Applique, has a way it has to be done.  In this case, branches first.

 Then the flower stems, it does not look like much, these elements needed to be stitched in place by hand.
 Next came the ribbons and the large tree trunks. 
 Blanket stitched by machine.
 The frame pinned in place.  This now cover the stems, and other raw elements, which needed to be covered.
 The project is now ready for the rest of the Applique, all of which will be fused and stitched by machine.
The frame fabric had to be a neutral, for all the fun parts which is to follow.
This is the pattern, which is filled with critters having fun.

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  1. Love love that rose, and your The Critters Quilt is going to be so much fun from now on. Hugs Glenda