Thursday, 1 September 2016

Weddings and Quilts.

The Chapel, love the warm colours of all the buildings.
 Wedding celebrations are the best.  Why, because it showcase the love of two people.  When those two people had to overcome personal and great tests and have walked together, no matter what life cast across their path and come out the otherside, a couple, stronger together and more in love than ever, they are meant to be.
 They created new traditions, cutting their cake first, not waiting until much later.  The cupcakes was fantastic.
Weddings where everyone, children, adults, those with us and those no longer, was included.
 We all arrived, from far and near.  Many of us met for the first time, after the wedding we all left changed forever, having made very many new friends.  The best part, everytime one of the nephews or nieces get married, the family grows.  Having grown up in a large family, it is fun.
The tables was decorated and sparkled.  It was the company, which was full of joy and happiness which enfused everyone with a lot of fizz and excitement.
The cream and black theme was beautiful.
The wedding quilt, the colours was inspired by these two colours.  The groom is a football fan of, Manchester United, hence the red.
For the neieces and nephews who get married, I make the same pattern.  In 2008, I had given all of them their lap quilts, in total seventeen kids. It was a promise, to my late Mom, to make sure each of the grandchildren would get a quilt.  Each one of them, still have their quilts and has told me how much they treasure them.   Four have received wedding quilts so far, it is a lovely way to incorporate the colours the couples love and creating something special for just them.
                                                                  Avianto, South Africa

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  1. Its interesting to see new trends in weddings now days. My son and wife went to a friends wedding recently which was a beach wedding and they were all to wear beige!! men beige trousers and ties, not many women would have had a beige out fit but my DDIL did and she looked lovely. Your wedding looked and sounded lovely and so striking in black and white. Such a beautiful bouquet? A stunning quilt Maggie and I hope it is loved and cherished for many many years to come. Hugs Glenda