Saturday, 19 November 2016

Christmas is coming.

These have been on the list for a long time.
Before we know it, time is running out and Christmas is here again.
These creative Christmas ideas crossed my path while visiting different events and places.
 Rug Hooking.

The Recipe.
Good intentions and a time is all that is required.  Next step, deciding on the next project and you are set to go. I had to make some Christmas Stockings, so I looked for a pattern I have from years ago. Pulled fabric which I bought for it at the time and the two fabrics from last year, with some scraps.  As part of my decluttering plan for my sewing room, sewing up those scraps into projects.  One project a time.  Bits that cannot be used for this, will be cut into leaders and ends.
After hours of fun, the original recipe(pattern) turned out to be a guide,  at best.  Here is what the original in the magazine looked like.
  This is the end result, nine Christmas stockings in total. Leftover fabric, nil.

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