Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Summer quilting adventures.

Quilting a quilt by hand in summer, with humidity is not something I would recommend.  Even with the AC working.  I had two Bargello's which needed quilting and binding.  Here they are:
The Blue One.
The Black and Cream.

365 Challenge:
 These are the light blocks, from June.
 They are six and a half inches.
 There are still a few to do.  With the hot weather, they are getting done.


Over the weekend, One Walk to Conquer Cancer had a Bake and Garage Sale.  On friday morning, I got settled in the kitchen for a spot of baking.
 Melktert (traditional custard tarts from South Africa)
Koeksisters (they are a kind of dougnut, which are very sweet).  When we all give a bit of our time and love, a community comes together for the good of all.  Volunteering can come in many shapes and sizes.
 On our walk this morning, Cheerio joined us for a walk, he followed us from his house, every now and again he walks with us.
 On the path,  we encountered an unexpected bunny.
 The bunny was quite happy to do its thing, while Cheerio, could not contain himself, trying to leopard crawl towards the bunny.
The Bunny was quite relaxed and just ignored the cat.  The birds was not so forgiving, they squawked until Cheerio left to explore the forest some more....


  1. We have lots of bunnies in our neighbourhood. Doug thinks he would like one, but we keep telling him no.
    Good job on the bargello quilts. I got to see the start of them.

  2. Your 365 Challenge blocks are delightful! I wish the barghellos weren't all folded up so I could SEE them. You mentioned that you are hand quilting them. What is the quilting design? I am kind of afraid to attempt quilting something with so many seam allowances, would love to know how someone with greater skills would tackle a quilt like this one!