Friday, 8 July 2016

Starting a new quilt.

It all starts with a pattern.  It is what grabs our attention and wants us to create a masterpiece.
It does not have to be fancy, it must just tickle our creative muse, to want to do it.  It could be a simple or complicated quilt.

The one above is my friends top, it is her first quilt top!  One's first quilt, will always hold a special place in our hearts.  It is the one that give us, I have done it!
 Every once in a while, we had someone who would do a talk, a trunk show or come to our frienship group to visit as a special guest speaker.  Sometimes we know who the person is, in this case the other laies all got excited about Kathy K. Wylie.  I had no idea who she was, but that soon changed.  She was an inspirational Quilter and her patterns are as unique, as she is. Her Faith is a strong influence on her quilts!
At the end of her visit, quite a few of us went home with one of her patterns.
 It did not take long to go through my stash, then Sew for It,  had their skinny bolt sale.
The centre design was traced on the back of the fabric.
 The centre design is reversed applique, have not done that in a while. 
This is the progress so far.
This is what the completed quilt looks like, having seen it up close and real life, it is truly a work of art!
As for how many works in progress?  It is a journey, some will get finished and some will be just that, a project!

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  1. I restrained myself when Kathy Wylie came for a trunk show. I knew I could never get one of her quilts finished. Good luck!