Thursday, 14 July 2016

The Heat is On!

This quilt Heather made for her Dad in the UK, it is quilted all over with leaves.  Those Maple Leaf blocks she had to design herself, as those blocks are not square, instead they are rectangles.  They look square, amazing.

We are in the middle of a heat wave, 36C which does not even factor in the humidity, with it, it feels more like +46C.  When your thermostat shows 29C, with the airconditioner  being on 24/7 you just know it is HOT! (The AC was not well, it had a problem!)
 Snowy cat, this was her on hot days, she created a bit of spectator value, for those who did not know her. She would sleep on the windowsill, on the hottest days.
As for cats in the wild?  Lions do the same, just love the way they sleep, in a ditch on their backs.

 Sunrise in the African bush.
 Sunrise at the beach, along the Indian Ocean.  The current heatwave reminds me of days like this.
Going to the beach, nothing like walking across the hot sand and cooling down, while going for a swim in the sea.  Hout Bay, Cape Town.

 Remember this parcel which has been on its own adventure?
It took the scenic route, the treasures inside....
 365 Will be getting some very special blocks, there is some amazing prints in this collection, Thank You
Glenda.  Your circles inspire me every time I see your quilt, maybe one mini with some circles, just to remind me of your beautiful work of art.  The coral is going to find a way into my Love Entwined!
Popped in at The Hobby Horse, came home with my Row by Row kit:
They included a lot,little novelty buttons, fabric, pattern and The Hobby Horse, Logo, printed on a piece of fabric.  How neat is that?  As for activities, everything is on hold, staying cool is the best to do!
At the end of the day, going for a walk along the vineyards, enjoying the soft breeze and shade of the trees.
Making memories with love ones and enjoying special holidays together.


  1. It has started to rain, so we have a breeze now. However, it is still warm. You are right, all activities are on hold.

  2. Great blog Maggie, nice to see memory photos of Africa, just adore how your wee cat is sitting or sleeping LOL. I still can not believe that parcel took 2 months plus from OZ to Canada??? I really thought it was lost. How lovely to be able to walk along those vineyards they look so cool and peaceful. You remind me of my little 365 circles that need to be finished, I've been so busy hand quilting quilts I had f or gotten them now the sun has come out finally after week s of rain and the garden is calling. Hugs Glenda