Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Gremlins and knitting?

The weather our side has been all over the place.  Spring is officially here, yet nothing seems to be following a normal pattern.  Since the mini ice storm, we have had lots of rain, it resulted in the stream/river over flowing its banks.  Then just when we thought nothing could top that, we had snow.
 The stream is normally about ten meters wide, now we cannot see the other river bank.
 Our cat was not amused by the snow, she has cabin fever and is ready to brave the cold, to get outside!

It was time to pull out my knitting, it has been a while.  When It was all laid out flat, I noticed something, two repeats down, the work seem to be unravelling...  A gremlin had crept in.  The only way to make sure it is gone, is to start over.  My bamboo yarn will be turned into a ball of yarn.  Knitting is something some seem to have a natural ability, while for the rest of us it is an acquired skill, which takes time and effort.
 A drop stitch?  From a yarn over...

The Bargello quilt, which has kept me busy the past week, has the center done.  The magic of it is all in the way the seams interlock.

The back looks like this:

The front like this:

The borders will go on next.  It will be a striking green first.
The fabric with O Canada.

 The next border is a fabric with the words of the Canadian National Anthem on it, O Canada.  It is number one of my twenty fabrics.  When the sewing room got tidied up, it was moved, so it will be interesting to see where I put it.  (It took a bit of hunting, just a few shelves from where it was kept all along.)

Scraps of fabric was placed in a pile, which was cut into apple core pieces to create a baby quilt top.  It will be finished and given to a new mum.

The weir is no longer visible.
Spring cleaning is about to start our side.  So everything else will have to wait until this is done.

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  1. You know if you lived closer, I could probably have fixed the knitting. Knitting comes easy, quilting is much harder!