Tuesday, 9 February 2016

The Hexagon Flower.

Making a hexagon flower with English Paper piecing.

Creating the hexagon flower.


Cut seven cardboard hexagons exactly the same size.

Cut seven fabric hexagons, the same size.  They must be at least a quarter inch bigger than the cardboard hexagons.

Step 3.
Create the seven fabric hexagons, as shown above

Step 4.

Sew two fabric covered hexagons together, using a whip stitch.  Follow whip stitch tutorial here.
Use the center and one of the petals for this.

Step 5.
Continue to join all six petals to the center of the flower first.


Step 6.
Now join the petals together.

The hexagon flower can now be used to create a mug rug, just remove the cardboard and sew a felt backing to it.  Something simple just for Mom.  A quick gift.

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  1. I like the fabric choice. The kitty is very cute.