Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Ducks in a row.

Saw these ducks on our walks.  This stream was frozen a week before.  With all the rain and warm weather, all the snow has almost melted.  This is unusual for this time of year.  The norm is -35C with cold and snow.
It is nice to walk without slipping on the ice.

Keeping with the theme, finishing up projects, I've taken up the give me twenty challenge for February.  You can read about it on Kate's blog.

Started to lap quilt,  Album of Memories by Robert Callaham.
Washed my Jelly Rolls, what a relief, no colour runs.  The last four all had runs.  Now Dear Jane can continue.
Blue Twister quilt, this is a birthday quilt.
Once it is sewn up, one cut it up, again to create the pinwheels.  Then it is a case of sewing in together again.
LE the hearts are done.
The crosses are done.  Next there is some berries I have been wanting to get to.
This fish crossed our paths, inspiration can come from very many places.


  1. Thanks for joining the challenge. I enjoy the company.
    The fish is very cute.

  2. Love the colors in the fish. Would a quilt not look great in those colors?