Thursday, 31 December 2015

A New Beginning.

A Happy New Year!

It is always a special way to start the New Year.  Many doing it in style, having a party and letting their hair down and have fun.

It is also a chance to start everyday new and fresh again.

Then there is the best way to start the year with weddings!
This was my big secret Santa project which I worked on.  It was started almost ten years ago, it is a nickel quilt, made with the leftovers from my charm quilt (which is still not done yet)!  The happy couple has known each other for 18 years and decided to tie the knot recently.
With all the kids grown up, the invitations for weddings is growing.  Then there is the milestones, eighty year old  Birthday Party for one very special family member.  Getting everyone in one place when they are as wide spread across the globe is an interesting venture.

May 2016 bring health, happiness and all the joys for each and everyone!

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  1. Love love that quilt Maggie, are they 12inch blocks? So so much thought and work in this stunning quilt. Do you have any close up photos of it. Hugs Glenda