Monday, 7 December 2015

7th of December

This morning, a fun tutorial.

Making a quick panel curtain for the front door.  Found this one at The Hobby Horse.  Pre printed fabric or cheater cloth, because one do not need to piece the top, it is already printed to look like a pieced top.  It is readily available at quilt shops.  They are not quilts, can be used as part of a quilt.  Some cut out the squares to use in other projects. They fill a niche, they are pretty and has a purpose.

It only has three pieces!
This project, has a front, back and a small casing on the back, for the curtain rod.  Takes less than two hours to make.
Step 1.  Casing:  Cut a rectangle the width of the panel, three inches wide. Fold over the edges and create a seam at both ends.  Next fold in half, wrong side facing towards each other, then stitch together.
This is what it should look like, with a raw seam showing to the outside.
 Step 2.  Create a tube, making sure the raw edge seam is in the center on the back.
Then press with the iron, to create a flat tube.

Step 3.  Pin on to the back panel, about a half an inch from the top, leaving a gap on the side for the side seams.  Only stitch the top and the bottom.  Leave the sides open, to slide the curtain rod through.
 This is what the right side will look like.
The wrong side, once the casing is stitched in place.
The side seam open, with the rod peeking out.
Step 4.  Place the front and back on top of each other, right sides facing.  Pin together.
Step 5.  Stitch the two together, leaving a small gap at the bottom.  This is for turning, the panel curtain inside
out.  Stitch of the fabric at 90 degree angles, as shown.  This makes the seams pop in, making the next step a breeze.
  Step 6.   Once it is turned inside out, iron the edges flat.
Step 7.  Top stitch the flat edge, around the finished curtain, about an eight of an inch.
 The finished back of the curtain.
The finished front of the curtain.

Adding a quick bit of colour and festive cheer, to greet arrivals at your front door!
The best gift we can give, is time.  The time we spend together, to make memories and being together with the ones we love.

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