Sunday, 6 December 2015

6th December

 Cats and Quilts.
The kittens, on the quilt, one of the kids made this one on the Singer Hand Crank Sewing Machine.
Nemo, as a kitten, sleeping with teddy on the crazy patch quilt, made from all the old golf pants.  The backing is made from small shirt print fabric. She loved to sleep in the bed, with her head on the pillow!
Nemo and Blinky did not want to wait for the quilt to be quilted.  Here they cuddle on top of the quilt, which is still in the hoop.  Both these cats loved, to jump in the bath.  Put bubbles in, even better.  Nemo, would go outside and sit in a puddle.  She would come inside, we would dry her, then she would go back outside to get wet!
The Laurel Birch Cat Quilt.  The embroidery is all done by machine.


  1. I love to Laurel Burch quilt. I am a big fan of her art.

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