Thursday, 24 December 2015

24th of December

Christmas Eve!

A new tradition we started,  no matter the weather, even if it is -35C?   Is to cook boerewors, traditional sausage from South Africa, on Christmas Eve.  We bake the rolls fresh and then create "hot dogs" with them.  The grill is fired up, the cooking happens in the back garden, sometimes in knee deep snow.
Our neighbours in the past,  has been known to shake their heads at us.  Who cooks a barbeque in winter? Usually the smell gets to them and they pop their heads over the fence, asking us what it is. So over time we have shared boerewors and many has had a taste of it over the years.  It is made with roasted corriander seeds as part of the seasoning inside.
This North American tradition was tried out by the kids, they had great fun creating this masterpiece, the best part?  They got to snack on it. A bite was taken out the side of the chimney.  Never found out who took a nibble on it.  Every time we walk by the Gingerbread house, it would be missing a piece of candy here and there!

Adult candy, chocolate.  Amazing how the kids get into it, before you know it, it is all gone.  At Christmas time there is no calories.....

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