Saturday, 19 December 2015

19th of December


New beginings, when one move, each place is different.  Creating new experiences. The one thing which is a constant, is that people make the place.  Embracing life, with the good and the bad.  Making new friends and starting  new traditions.  The fusion of who we are now, with all of the future which will add another dimension,  to who we will become.  Moving continents and countries, which is 360 degrees the polar opposite of what one is used to, is quite an adjustment.  This is where one has to have a sense of adventure!

Meet Oscar, our first ever family snowman.
 No snow from where we came from, as for cold weather? -1C with frost in winter, was what we were use to, with blue skies and sunshine.  By midday it would be a lot warmer too.  The new winter, with snow 4m+ and -30C was not easy, if one were use to +30C for almost nine months of the year.  Did the cold deter us? No!  We decided to see what all the fuss was about, no matter the weather. This snowman was tall, over six feet, he reminded us of the little golden statues, hence the name.
Nothing like one would expect.  These happy white balls of fluff, made out of snow, has inspired many stitching patterns, not to mention all the hours of fun it provide for families to build them.
At retreat these beauties was being sewn up.
All by the same person.
The next block caught all of our attention.
In winter this definitely happens!

Anita with her finished table runner.  All of these was hand embroidered.  Just a couple of minutes stitching a day, before you know it, they are all done. WOW!

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