Wednesday, 16 December 2015

16th of December

Today is a very special day, in a country far away, South Africa.  The Day of the Vow until 1994, when it became The Day of Reconciliation!   This story is based on true facts, something incredible happens every year on this day, at  a specific time, the light from the sun illuminate a phrase, as a promise made to God, nearly 177 years ago.
A cross-section of the Voortrekker Monument, showing the ray of light.
 The Vow.
 The Dome.
 The light.

On the 16th of December every year, at twelve o'clock midday, the light shines on the cenotaph, it is in the center of the Cenotaph Hall. It illuminates the inscription, with a ray of light, which is said to symbolize God's Blessing on the lives and endeavours of the Voortrekkers.

                               WE FOR THEE SOUTH AFRICA

                              The Rainbow Nation!

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