Wednesday, 25 November 2015


The pioneers went through a lot, to create new lives for themselves.  They were not meek, taming large tracts of land and creating new communities all over the world.  The reasons they uprooted themselves, was numerous, just like people today do, in the every changing world we live in.  On one of our trips over the summer months, we visited a few places, one of them had lots of antiques.
 It is amazing how resourceful they were.  Take this stool, it is covered with a cover made from strips of fabrics, which have been braided and sewn together.  Strips from clothing past there best?
The quilts they created to keep themselves warm.
Some of the everyday items they needed to do household chores.
Books was treasured and most households had a Bible, to be able to read and write, not everyone had a chance to go to school,  to do so. Today we just accept these gifts as normal.  We have come a long way!
Transportation, was a lot more tricky.  A horse, a wagon, walking and eventually the railroad arrived with trains.  What took months, now take mere hours, we are truly blessed.
As for food,  it was pretty much,  grow it yourself.  Life was a lot tougher, than it is today.  When the crops failed in lean times, it could not have been easy for these families.  When the harvest was good, the pioneers gave thanks, for the bounty and the rewards for their hard labour.

 Every year, Thanksgiving is celebrated in the USA, the last thursday of November.  In Canada it is in October.  Other countries celebrate it as well, at different times of the year and for different reasons.  We all give Thanks, for very special reasons!

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