Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Red Work Embroidery.

A-Z  Quilt.
The original is done in colour.  Red and white is timeless. 
The back of the work is stabilized, with iron on light weight stabilizer.
The Wish Quilt, from Red Brolly.  (This is a free pattern).

This quilt is done a little bit at a time.  In a few years time, it may be done!  It is the stitching project that can be pulled out at a moments notice, just a few stitches, to sew and relax.


  1. What lovely embroidery - and a good looking pattern too! It will be worth the wait!

  2. I love red work Maggie and yours is going to be so lovely I really like Red Brolly designs, I used to make up enough blocks to make a quilt each year around 12 years ago, I think I have enough blocks to make up at least 8 double bed quilt tops LOL.

  3. PS I also like those Christmas fabrics looking forward to seeing those made up. Hugs Glenda