Sunday, 13 September 2015

Road Trips.

Over the summer, we go on road trips.  We stop and explore, when we need to stretch our legs and take a reprieve from driving. 
Along the way one see many farms and barns.  This quilt captures it beautifully.
The little towns dotted across the country side.  The churches at the heart of each community.
Sometimes when one stop in one of the towns,  there is the unexpected surprises.  This was one of them.  Needlworks X Stitch, a shop with two halves:  One half is a Quiltshop, the other half is a Stitching shop.  In the middle is a wall that divide the two, under one roof.
On the left is the Quiltshop and on the right the Stitching.
The selection was very good.
The scenery was worth the time to stop and just to enjoy the beauty with which nature surrounds us.  Thousand Islands, along the St. Lawrence River.
 On the return trip we stopped here.  Came home with more than a few pies. 
 Random objects one encounter along the way.
Many people never stop, all in a hurry to get home.  This apple can be seen from the Highway.  A good spot to stop for lunch.
These were some of the nibbles we baked, which we took with to snack on going up north.
Best of all was spending time with friends and loved ones. 

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