Saturday, 19 September 2015

Hats and more.

Recently I had to try and find a hat in a range of colours.  Looked every where, in the end my round knitting loom was dusted off and put to work.
The wool had to be thick, so two strands of yarn is used to make the hat with.
The wool, " Marble"  from Yarn and Crafts.
Once the knitting is five inches long, double the knitting, to create the ribbing, by hooking the first row back on to the pegs, then following the pattern, continue to knit.
The finished hat.
The pattern and how to knit this hat can be found here.
 Pin wheel quilt.
Bargello quilt.
This one is ready for quilting.  The rainy weather is the perfect time to make a start on the quilting.
A sure sign the leaves are turning, just a few weeks ago, they were all still green.


  1. We must have started nesting for winter. I made 2 hats this week. Now on to some quilting!

  2. That top is amazing! Have fun quilting and enjoy the colors of the trees!

  3. Hi Maggie, I have never seen a hat made like this before, looks like it would be easier on arthritic hands. Love the colour of those first autumn leaves. Hugs Glenda