Friday, 21 August 2015

The Colour of Fall.

Summer wild berries.

When the Seasons change, each have their own unique colour.

Some people have a gift for Stitching.  They seem to do them and make it all look easy.  No matter how small the stitches, how many, they do them and produce lots of amazing pieces of work.  We all have different gifts.  Some may be better at quilting, applique, knitting and sewing.  Many dabble in a variety of crafts,  for some of us, we fall in love with the pattern.  We know we must try.  Even when others will tell you, it is too advanced.  If you still take the plunge, it has nothing to do with your ability, only with the emotion it got from you the first time you looked at it.  A friend gave me this, knowing how many hours of work goes into it, I will treasure it  forever.  She also inspired me to do redwork!
Then there is the quilts and bags we create with these colour.
 This quilt started off as broken dishes pattern, then fate stepped in,  it became something else after the pattern went missing in action.  Only found it years later after the quilt was finished.
 This is a pumpkin quilt, from Australian Country Craft magazine,Vol.14 No.8  from 2003.
This bag is from a Japanese Quilt Magazine,  it was four times smaller than this.  By enlarging the size, I can place a quilt and a hand held quilting hoop in it, while I store the W.I.P,  in between quilting.  It is a square bag.
Books and countries with Orange, The Netherlands come to mind.  Treasures from Holland by Petra Prins.  ISBN: 978-2-916182-49-0
Van  Gali's,  in Fergus Ontario, if you need coffee and cake, this is the spot to enjoy it!

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