Saturday, 15 August 2015

Little unexpected bits on quilts.

Sometimes it is how it is quilted.  Expect the unexpected, including bugs and butterflies.
The quilting here was done in circles.  It still allow the quilt to shine and do not overpower the quilt pattern.
Hand embroidery on the applique for decoration and adding a three dimentional effect, also to make the pumkins pop on this quilt.
Stitching a flat skinny strip along the edge, to frame the quilt in an unexpected way.  The bright blue one inch strip folded double and ironed  flat,  before it is stitched down. The binding is then attatched and this give the quilt a nice finish.
The whole quilt, with piano key sashings, in a medallion style. The Pumkin Patch by Jann Sturdy.
Using the leftover strips,  to create a scrappy binding.

Rubber ducks come in very different shapes, not just the ones we know.

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