Tuesday, 25 August 2015

LE - Easy Flower Tutorial.

Love Entwined is a complex and intense pattern, many elements also get repeated, in different areas of this quilt.  This quilt requires a lot of patience, time and effort.  As with everything, there will be some parts we love and others, well,  they may very well be not what we enjoy doing.  On the whole, however they add to the charm of the quilt,  so we follow the pattern,  knowing in the end,  it will be worth it!

Flower Tutorial:

Step 1. Take yellow flower, place on a piece of muslin, right sides facing.  Make sure the flower is place on the bias of the fabric. Then stitch around the shape on the drawn line with a sewing machine.
 The back.
Step 2.  Cut a slit in the back of the muslin.
Step 3. Trim the excess fabric with a pair of pinking shears.
Step 4. Now snip with a pair of sharp scissors, almost to the stitching line, next to each petal.
Step 5. Turn the flower inside out, through the slit in the muslin.  Gently pop each petal out, careful not to rip the seams.
Step 6.  The flower is ready for stitching on the main part of the quilt.


  1. love . . . love . . . love . . . the simplicity of it . . . no glue . . . no fuseable . . . no mess . . . thanks for sharing!

  2. Very elegant pattern. I love looking at applique quilts, making them not so much. Yours is definitely gorgeous.

  3. Such an easy solution, thanks so much.

  4. Oh I just love seeing how you are working your way through this wonderful, epic quilt!

    Thank you so much for adding it to the LE archive too, I know quilters will be admiring your technique for years to come:) It's a technique which definitely interests me, I love how simple you make it look.