Monday, 17 August 2015

Girls, with a difference

Friendship is the special gift in life,  which we are blessed with.  Some people are lucky enough to have one or even more friends.  Friends are there for one another in the good times and times, when life hands us challenges.  Some will accept help, allowing others to help them.  For some  it is more difficult, they find this uncomfortable and will not accept help.  Sharing the same interests, connecting across distance and culural boundaries,  is a gift.  Many friendships last a lifetime.  They take work,  just like anything else in life.  The reward of frienship,  will always outway the value of a life without it.  People make a place, people are important, not things.
 For some the colour for girls is only pink. Girls can wear many different colours and can still be girly-girls.
 Every single girl is special, not just the ones who live in castles.  Home is, where we are loved and cherished.
It is remarkable how many girls grow up to become strong women, no matter what they become: housewives, lawyers or engineers.  A colour does not define them. Each one unique in their own way.
So with this in mind, I smock dresses in a variety of colours.  The quilts a mixture of colours.
A dolly quilt, the front, all done with squares.
The back is a red and blue, Indian Cotton fabric.  It is super soft, most importantly,  very strong and durable.
With summer here, a rag quilt done in bright colours, this one is cut on the Accuquilt.  No sore wrists snipping the edges.  A modern way to make a rag quilt. 
The finished quilt. Fabrics from Mad About Patchwork.  Pam stocks a good selection of modern fabrics, including Kona Solids.  This is her quilt, she needed some extra elves to help get a few projects done.

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  1. Lovely bright colours, just perfect for little girls.