Friday, 31 July 2015

Lots of interesting tidbits.

The little grey book that goes everywhere.  In it is snips of fabrics, lists of projects, notes.  When I am out and about, it comes in handy when I find myself somewhere on the spur of the moment, it gets opened if I find a potential treasure to add to what I already have, when working on projects. 
This is a design from Rabbits Haven.  A designer in British Columbia.
More of the Quilt
Perfect for little girls.

Colourful quilts is all in attendance, with summer in full swing.  The prairie points is not on the edge of the quilt.
 Another unusual twist, minky fabric, stitched as a sashing on the front of a quilt.
A close up of it.
The whole quilt done and quilted by Joanne,  Long Arm Quilter
If you love applique, then check out Sue Garman latest pattern, Simply Baltimore.  If you have scraps, then Omigosh is a good scrap buster.
Go for a walk and enjoy the sunshine.


  1. Lovely little pink quilt. The prairie points are nice, too.

  2. Your sample book looks great! You didn't mention what size it is. Does it fit in your purse/bag? When you run out of a fabric do you remove the swatch or move it to a different section of your book? Do you pin the swatches in, use scotch tape, or glue them? Thanks for sharing it.