Sunday, 12 July 2015

A bee in my bonnet.

Sometimes a gremlin creeps in.  This happen to me recently, I traced my template on the fabric, did not realize it had flipped.  It is plastic and I had made two, mirror images, except, somewhere along the line, it was flipped.  I traced and cut 800 diamonds,

When half of them should be a postive and the other half negative.  Big OOPS!  Now I will need to go back to the quilt shop and try and find a replacement.  How did this happen?  Simple, human error.  Doing to many projects, all at once.  Garden, house, then a little wobbler like this.  Back to the drawing board.  Lets try again.
Use a permanent marker, mark templates, making sure the top side is marked.  Now the design can be traced on the wrong side of the fabric, with the template facing the correct way.  Next step, trace and cut all the fabric diamonds.
Replacement fabrics, the two plain blue one's may not be needed, as I may just have enough fabric left of the blue.
If the design was a scrappy look, this would not have been a problem, except it is a plain and a print border in this blue.  Using it mixed up, in this colour combination would make it visually distracting.  Will line all the diamonds up, once the correct sequence of the diamonds have been stitched together.   (To show the distraction...).
Discovered a few more fabrics for Love Entwined.....   then there was a sign that said simply Lillies with an arrow pointing left......

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