Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Adventure's, while exploring beautiful places. Part 2.

A day in the life.....

When going on holiday, some of us will just embrace exploring and fill each day with a quest to discover everything we can.  Not the average tourist stuff, but the off the beaten path too.

The wild child:  Believe me, the guys young and old wanted to go on this adventure.  Plan on getting dirty, dusty in dry times and mud splattered in the rainy season, all part of the fun.

Getting to the best views, one might have to travel a path in an unexpected way.  Sacrificing a little bit of home comfort for the best views in the world. Looking down,  it was very high up.

Seeing parts, one would never see, on the tourist route.
The fun of reaching the best look out spots, following a creative form of transportation to reach those spots.
Local food, fresh, best potato wedges we ever tasted.  As for milkshakes, all of them come with alcohol.  One has to ask for ones without any.  The "Sweets" Hot sauce is very good, we gave it a try, turned out to be very tasty. 
Local shop, selling handmade crochet clothing.
At the end of the day, we all went for a swim, to wash the dirt off.  In the sea.  We all felt like little big kids, it is good to get all dirty, once in a while.  It was never on my bucket list, somehow it arrived there.  I was not going to say, no!

PS: I took my stitching with on holiday, did some on the plane and one morning, sat outside on a lounger for three hours, the light was perfect.  Rain started while we arrived, they've had a drought for two years.  The thing is the rain always follow me....


  1. Wish I could have seen you after that! The views are lovely.

  2. Hi there it sure sounds like a lot of fun, I love these surprise outings that the family surprises us with; having 3 boys too I know about these outings LOL. They are all grown up now and have their own children but I still get to watch and see them on the cam which is a lot of fun. Hugs glenda

  3. What a great time! It's cold down my way and I am all rugged up as I look on your sunny pics, what views!