Tuesday, 24 February 2015

I am on a fabric diet.

It sounds rather corny, I know, but I am trying to work my way through my fabric stash.  Instead of buying fabric for one day, I only buy what I need to complete a project.  Shopping my stash first.
It is a challenge, as temptation lurks in full view when I go to the quiltshop.  Most of the time I am really good, other times, ... I have no self control.  We are all human,  after all.  If I go with a list, it keeps me focused. Coming home with what I need.

About September 2013, I had to do a search for a piece a of fabric which I needed to finish a block.  The end result was interesting, I found the piece of fabric.  As I was unpacking my cupboard, I sorted fabrics which I had bought for specific quilts into piles, then I came across the patterns for these.  So I added them to the fabrics.  Neat, now everything was together.

Why had I never done this before?  The rest of my house is super organized.  I have everything in clear boxes, so it is easy to find. So I was a bit mystified by this.  Do I need my creative muse,  to have everything disorganized all over my sewing room?

Off I went to the local craft store, bought project organizers and the rest is history.  If I need to go to my quilting group, I  take my box and I don't have to run around looking for anything.  It is all in the box, the pattern, fabric, thread, needles, scissors and my thimble.  The result is staggering.  I am finishing more projects and have become more productive.  I have surprised even myself.

Last week I finished this quilt (Hearts-All-A-Flutter).   My reward, I can now start a new project!

Love Entwined here I come.

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