Tuesday, 2 May 2017

What a Whopper!


Going away to Retreat is like going on a long holiday. except this one is short and sweet and packed full of adventures.  Packing for it, happens with military precision.  One thing quilters are very good at is making sure they cover all the bases.  In the unlikely event that something was forgotten, they will replace it, if it is a matter of importance. They think on their feet and know the best spots to find treats and food.
This project bag kept things neat and tidy. Diane made this one and a few more.

 Organizing projects for working on, is works of art.
These beads was placed for maximum use, to get an Art quilt done in time for a competition!
No project was too intimidating to try. Margaret  was working on this one.
Bags which has many parts and have dimension built into them with precise engineering.

 Stitching projects:
Abby has a neat way of stitching, she has no problem working on this dark blue background! She places her stitching chart on the table, allowing the overhead light to reflect the light up off the paper.
Judy did two embroidered quilts.
 Love the way the stitching is extended over the pieced blocks.
 Works in Progress:
 Diane is making a quilt for a friend.
Kelda was working on this one.
Diana was making a mystery quilt.
Kathryn was busy with machine applique.  She finished seventeen pillowcases.
 This beauty has been coming to Retreat for a while.
Lynn was in the final stages of putting the blocks on her design wall when it was time for me to go, so I never got a picture of the final top.
Kate was working on her second bag for her beautiful Grandbaby!
A few baby quilts was being whipped up quickly.
The quilt tops was finished.
Anita made this one.
 Judy made a couple of bright and Happy quilts.
I manage to finish all these triangle squares.
Everything I needed to work on my projects, except for the projects itself was packed in my knitting bag which my friend Kate made for me. (Knitting was left at home on this trip.  I dropped a stitch and have to start it all over again.)
Love Entwined was my train project.  Some leaves appeared and a few flowers.
A fellow little traveler, had her sparkly hat and her sea turtle to keep her entertained.  She allowed me to take a picture of her pink turtle.  It had sparkly eyes! We all need a friend, this is her Bestie.

PS: Thank You Lorraine, you make our stay, great for all of us!


  1. Sounds like you had a great time. My next retreat is Shipshewana in Nov.

  2. ooh, i especially love the orbs