Tuesday, 16 May 2017


This Azalea is flowering.  It survived the winter.  Some plants did not, but this beauty did!
Diamond Hill block four is finished.
The Tulip.

Tulips are flowering all over town and the displays are amazing.
The first four blocks.
Mother's Day this year, was extra special for Blue Jay fans, the team won.  With so many Mom's and all the love they brought with to the game, it is no wonder.
Nail art to support the team, "Lets Go Blue Jays".


  1. What, no "Go Sens"?
    Love your azalea.

  2. love your DH blocks! So fabulous to see them all together.... personally, I think we take more pride in our hand stitches with beautiful nails too. xo

  3. Maggie your DH blocks are stunning, how lovely they look all together. Great nail job LOL Glad the team won!!! Beautiful pink azalea I was in North Japan once and saw hillsides covered in them it was a sight believe me. Hugs Glenda