Tuesday, 4 April 2017

101 Bag making.

Thirty years ago, I discovered quilted bags.  I made the first one as per the pattern instructions.  From then on, I changed it and created a much smoother and simpler pattern.  Here is my quick bag pattern.

Take a piece of quilted fabric, or quilt your own.  Using the three measurements: Height, Width and Length, to create the size of the bag you wish to make.  Use this to draw the cross on the fabric, then cut it out.
Next fold in half, pin to mark these points on either side.
Then fold the middle up to the sides, to create the quarter marks.

The pins in place.
Pin both sides.
These are the guides for the bag handles.
The bag handles pinned in place.
The top of the bag, with the zipper stitched in place.
The inside of the bag. This is a great way to use up Christmas fabric.
The bag with the handles, stitched in place.
The top detail of the handle.  This is both decorative and to anchor the handles in place.
The side of the bag.
Next, find the middle of the top zipper section.  This will be the point to match to the top of the bag.

Make sure to pin the handles on to the main body of the bag, to prevent from accidentally stitching the handles down in the side seams of the bag.
Pin the zipper section from the middle, out towards the sides of the bag.

 Stitch the zipper section to the top of the bag.
Make sure to start a quarter of an inch from the side and stopping a quarter of an inch before the edge of the fabric.  This is to make the turning of the  top corners of the bag easier.
(Do both the top seams of the bag the same way.)
Working on the inside of the bag to stitch all the seams of the bag, creating a rectangular box shape.
Matching the other seam at the top. Using the center marks to match the points.

The top seams stitched to the zipper section.
Next step, join the side of the zipper section, to the top side of the sides of the bag.
 Once stitched together, edge the raw seams.

The bag will look like this, the section will be slightly longer. (If you want it to fit perfectly, make the side section shorter, before attaching it to the side section of the zipper piece.)  Continue if you want the overlap.
Now pin from the bottom of the bag, to about this point.
Next pin from the top down. This will create the overlap.
Pin in place.  Make sure to leave the zipper unzipped for a section, this is required to turn the bag inside out, once the side seams are stitched.
Do all four side seams.  Stitch in place, edge the raw edges.  Now turn the bag inside out.
The finished bag.

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