Thursday, 26 January 2017

Time to do things slowly.

Sometimes we get so busy, we get bogged down with everything that we need and want to do.  This year I have decided not to that.  I am going to take my time, do what I need to in a timely fashion (hopefully it will work) and get it done.  While I enjoy the process.  To this end, it means I will relax and at the end of the year, I will see if this experiment worked. 
As for projects, a few will get some love, LE, 365 Challenge and The Splendid Sampler.  Dear Jane gets a little dose every two weeks, so in time progress gets made.  Lets see where this will lead....
This is for block number 11 for Dear Jane.  225  Blocks in total.
Splendid block, it is in my bag.  So when I have to wait for a oil change on the car or anywhere else, it gets some love.
Zip lock bags are very handy, they can be used for a lot and the best part? I can squeeze them into any spot in my bag.
This block got some yellow leaves.
Found some more fabrics, which could work, we will see.
Album of Memories, is being quilted.  this is the center of the quilt.

Today is a very Special Day for our Family, we also share this day with Australia, which celebrate their national day!

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