Monday, 12 December 2016

Snow and Acorns.....

This morning we woke up to more snow, and grey skies.  Old man Winter has arrived.  The kids have a snow day, with a day off from school.  They have come past our house, to go to the tobogo hill and I can tell you, they will spend hours playing there.  Then they walk back home, exhausted and hungry.
Acorns have a special place in our lives, this one has arrived this past week.  I have a cookie baking tray with acorns and various nut shapes.  Finding the right recipe to bake in this mould took a while, here is the result.
These cookies did not last very long.
The finished Bargello.
 The border quilted, at 45 Degree angle.
 The binding and backing, the Christmas fabrics are now part of reducing my fabric stash.   
 Recently in the mail, a few surprises arrived.  None of these was expected and it is truly heartfelt.
A very special Birthday gift arrived, I use it all year round.  It is my Calendar from my friend, it is for a very good cause.

This is the one for 2016, she create all her own artwork.  The drawings are full of detail and not at all what one might expect.
The place mats are all cut out, ready for sewing.  I ran out of batting, so four more need it.

My work in progress this week, is mending.  I have to replace an open ended zipper in a winter jacket.
The family knows how to get my attention, if they want something mended, they place it on top of my sewing machine!
I will be sitting warm and cosy inside and making friends with my seamripper for the next little while.....


  1. Now, how could you run out of batting? I seem to have no end of batting pieces to do placemats and table runners.

  2. I love your bargello! As a beginner I'm a little hesitant to try making one but then again I like the pattern so much that I think I will challenge myself in the new year. Of course I'd be ever so grateful for the help of my quilting mentor. ��