Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Merry Christmas!

Yesterday was a baking day.  Hubby arrived home, first words as he walked through the door:  Is that ginger I am smelling?...(Not a cookie in sight, they have all been gifted.)
 Ginger Sparkles.
We love to play boardgames, as a family.  It is great fun way, to teach kids how to deal with many unexpected curve balls life can throw at them, not too mention showing them how to think outside the box.
Ticket to Ride, is a modern boardgame, based on eighty days around the world.  It is interactive and 3D. We like to keep it simple, avoiding the crowds and the shops, which is not what Christmas is all about.
Twelve Days of Christmas is up and hanging this year, this was one of the rooms which was under construction and painting last year.  Just a few more rooms to go and then the painting is done.  That will have to wait until next year.
It was a very busy year, lots happened and many long term projects have been finished.  Celebrations have been so heartwarming and special this year.  Family gatherings, Milestones, Birthdays and Weddings, the first great grandchild was born this year in our family.  The Seasons have come and gone.  The snow has arrived, it promises to be a very White Christmas.

The real reason we celebrate Christmas.

Merry Christmas and a very Blessed New Year, to each and everyone.

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  1. Dear Maggie sounds like my cooking, hubby walks in and says is the for the cake stall??? Your little manger looks just like mine, mine is so old the moss has nearly all gone and I said to my DGD when we took it out of its box I think I will HAVE to give it a little help before next Christmas. We all play endless puzzles and games when we all get the gether too, from our 3 year old to Nana. Merry merry Christmas Maggie. Hugs Glenda.