Thursday, 8 December 2016

Creative chaos......

 Over the years one collect all sorts of fabrics, all the Christmas theme larger pieces are being used as quilt backs and backings for various projects.  This one was a gift, which is now used.
It is a lovely thing, when projects from a long time ago, is off the list.  Especially, when one look back to see when one started them. These were started in 2005?
Organised chaos while one is in the process is fine, while one has everything one need to create, is spread out.  However, once the project is done, this temporary visual clutter, leads to the inevitable tidy up process.
While making everything neat and tidy again, one can stumble across other projects.  One can leave them for another day, or put them on the list to finish next.  This is what happened recently, as these are small projects, finishes always makes us feel good, so they are getting finished.
These are table mats, preprinted on a heavier cotton fabric, they will be next.
This will be the back of these place mats.
Hand quilting the Bargello, it is almost finished.
Next step the binding.
These two quilts, both crossed my path this past week, they were made as first quilts.

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