Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Reflections, projects on the go.

The baby quilt is finished and my sewing room is in need of order.  When I am busy with a project, creative chaos reigns.  Once a project is completed, leftover bits are rounded up and bundled up to be packed away.  Leftovers, which will be pulled out in the future to create another project.  The good thing about keep the same bits together, speaks for itself.  It allows maximum use of those leftovers, no hunting around for bits when one want to use them.
This Quilt top needs to be basted for quilting, it has been sitting in a pile for almost ten years.
Hearts-a-Flutter, is also in the same boat, so with Winter weather fast approaching, it will be another top to prepare for quilting.  I always make the binding, once I make a top, so everything is ready for when the quilt is quilted. A quilt, finished, means less clutter in my sewing room, so the aim now, is to free up space.
 This Christmas Angel is from a project on the go, so it will receive some more love.
 It may take a while, eventually everything gets finished.
Dear Jane is now being worked on once every two weeks. 
It will be a while before all the projects is done, every finish is a win, no matter how long it takes!

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  1. You're making great progress! I need to pull out my Jane too. The red and white quilt is gorgeous!