Thursday, 8 September 2016

Love Entwined's grand Adventure, .......

 There is so much about travelling, especially going to Africa, which changes one forever.  A part of you becomes filled with an energy, once this happens, you embrace life one hundred percent.  It is like being a kid again, trying everything for the first time, exploring and experiencing new adventures, taking ordinary life and discovering the extraordinary everyday.
Kids clothes at the airport.
  Traditional South African bead work, is used to decorate  wool felt Beret"s.
Handmade beaded jewellery.
  Shwe-shwe fabric comes in a wide variety of colours.  This designer, makes some amazing pieces. She will be in showing her collection at Africa London Fashion Week
A hat is a must outside, as the sun can be very hot.  For more than nine months of the year, the weather is above 25C.  Good quality cotton fabric, the designs and prints, catering for everyone. 
 When one have two long haul flights, with some time on one's hands, it pays to take something with to read, some applique (working on Love Entwined) to while a way the time, in between walking and exploring everything that is on offer.  
This waiting game is always the one, which brings unexpected surprises. Meeting people, one normally do not meet in everyday life.
Gracey, one amazing woman, who is a very special part of our family.

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  1. So much eye candy here Maggie, love those Africian fabrics, what is the designers name who is showing here fabrics in London, would like to see if I can find photos of her fabric. How lovely your LE looks lying. There in the Africian sun. Hugs Glenda