Thursday, 22 September 2016


We all have our favourite Quilt Shop's.  Over the years we meet people, who become friends and we enjoy their company.  We may move to another part of the country or world,  but we always go back and see those near and dear to us.  On this visit,  it was no different.  I got to see two of my favourite one's, the other one is two days travel away.
Amazing how the shops may be small, but they stock a wide variety of things under one roof.  Charlie's has everything from Sewing Machines, Quilt fabric, Wool, Notions, and a wide variety of embroidery  silks and threads. Novelty buttons, one of my children have a collection from Auntie Charlie's, which grew every time we popped into the shop.  
 This is a sampler class.  The background fabric on this quilt is a light green.
  Liz and the quilter who made this top.  Sampler quilts are a great way to learn a variety of techniques.
  A finished Sampler quilt, quilted and ready to have the binding stitched on.
 Charlie, busy as usual, using her embroidery machine to create new masterpieces.  She is very creative and push the boundaries of how far and what she can do with an embroidery machine. This is very much a family business, her husband looks after the Service and  Maintenance Department and each and everyone who sends their machine to be serviced,  is a very happy person. 
 This is the window display, the designs are from Artistic Designs,  Ruby I & II Collection.
 It is a collection, embracing friendship and spending time together.  Lunch with the ladies, going on outings, something we all enjoy doing.
Antique Little Sewing Machines.
A Double Wedding Ring Quilt, in Blues, Cream and a touch of Brown.

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