Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Busy, Busy, Busy......

The last while, life has been very busy, including a trip to Ottawa.  It was our fire dip to Canada.  Even if it was -22C when we first stepped  foot on Canadian soil, we were greeted with a warm welcome.  We now call Canada home, in more ways than one.
Next year this amazing country will celebrate a big birthday, as part of the festivities, special tulip bulbs are being planted across the country, to bloom in late June, just in time for Canada Day, 1st of July.
Since we have been away, not a lot of sewing happening.  This is part of a special project.  It has a lot of applique and the end result will be looking very different to this simple begining.
My charm quilt went with, as it is handwork and easier to work on, while travelling and chatting.
These four rows, need to be sewn onto the main part. 
 Wonderclips, using them to hold the pieces together, while sewing them, makes English piecing a breeze.
I started off with ten, then decided to get a box full.  Now they can be used when I sew on binding.
Met  Loxley, he loved this bag and was eager to find treasures inside the bag.  Trying to get a picture while he was doing it, was very tricky.  He is currently enjoying TLC with his special Mom and Dad, before he will be adopted by his new family.  It takes a special family to foster animals, especially cats.  
 In the garden.  We planted sage and parsley, which came in four inch pots.  With the hot summer, this is the result.
A friend, who has a problem with gluten, decided to make her own soap, which she started to give as gifts. It turned out to be amazing soap, once you have washed your hands with it, their is no need to put lotion on.
What a find!
Just in time for winter.

PS: With travel, comes visits to Quilt shops, so stay tuned, eye candy will be following soon...

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