Tuesday, 13 September 2016

A quiet moment.

Sometimes enjoying the peace and quiet of nature, is the best way to while away a moment in time.
This is a winters day in South Africa, it was 25C.  Blue skies and sunshine, Spring was not even around the corner. 

I sat here in the garden, stitching and adding more applique to Love Entwined.  With this view, it was beautiful and the birdlife in this garden was a special treat.  Lourie's, Mousebirds, Yellow Weavers, Little Robins, Ha-Di-Dahs and Sugarbirds. 

 Love Entwined was the only work in progress I took with me.  All the embroidery is done, a few flowers still need to be added, then it is just the leaves, before the center will be done. 
A fairy garden, created around the natural stone in the garden.  Cacti and aloes grow well in this hot climate.
In this garden there is lots of interesting metal scupltures, this one was unexpected, next to one of the entrances to the house. 


  1. I fully agree with the last sign. I am a big believer in fabulous handbags!

  2. Dear Maggie, thanks for sharing more of Africa. I love hearing and seeing it through your eyes. Your L e I s. Stunning. Hugs Glenda

  3. LE looking lovely - and what a fabulous environment to work on it! Thanks for sharing!