Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Tools of the Trade.

The tools and equipment we use on a daily basis has to be robust enough, to stand the test of time.  It they are well made, they will make the job so much smoother and make your life so much easier.  Recently I had issues with can openers, not only, do I hardly use them, they tend to break after less than seven times in use.  So knowing this was the case, on purpose I went shopping with a different mindset.  It must be robust, not just looking like it is up to the job.  Found one with a three year warranty.
Sewing tools, do not give me this kind of problem.  They make them to last, what happened to the way they use to make things?  Love these Clover clips for sewing on binding! (Thank you Kate for introducing me to them.)
I was very privilege to receive a gift, a few years ago, from Jamie.  He made me a Light Box.  It is awesome, as it is large enough to accomodate all my needs and it makes transferring any design onto fabric or paper a breeze.  This is what it looks like, what a treasure.  He builds his own Guitar Amp's and his workmanship is amazing, with attention to detail, which is second to none.
365 Challenge:
This is the last of the light blocks for now, the small dark blocks is next.

Love Entwined:
Splendid Sampler:




  1. I have a can opener from when I was a starving student. They don't make that kind any more. I guess nobody bought a second one.
    Clover has just come out with a smaller size of those clips. I may never use a pin, again!

  2. Dear Maggie your wee blocks are amazing there are so many tiny pieces in that last block?????? Like you I have trouble finding a can opener that lasts, I usually end up back using my Hubbies Grans old fashion hand one LOL. Can not believe how fast you are moving through your lovely Love Entwined quilt it is just lovely. Jamie sure spoilt you with that beautiful light box what lovely workmanship. Hugs Glenda