Saturday, 30 July 2016

Celebrate, a Quilter is Born.

When a person starts to learn a new craft, it is fun and exciting when they finished their first project.  This is a rewarding and creative journey.  When do you call yourself a Quilter?  When you have finished, your very first quilt.  When it is pieced, quilted and the binding is on.  It is the first one you have finished, many more will follow, this is the one which you will remember.
 This Healing Kitty Quilt, is a first quilt.  What an amazing effort!
 The Quilting up close.
The Binding stitched on, the back all vibrant and happy.  This is the moment one help celebrate a Quilter, joining generations of quilters, in keeping a craft alive and finding a new way to create, works of art.

 365 Challenge:

All the blocks for the first six months of the year is done!

Love Entwined: Orange Flowers.
                                                                    Summer Growing
The Thistles are growing wildly with all the hot weather, some of them are over six feet tall!
                                                          Long weekend here, enjoy!


  1. I love those flip flops. Very cute.
    The kitty quilt is wonderful, especially since it is done!

  2. Your LE . . . sigh . . .