Thursday, 16 June 2016

Pattern, Fabric and Thread.

Treasures which followed me home....

Pattern as we love cats, it had fish on it, another past time which have given us lots of laughs, including a lost wedding ring and a fish which is swimming in the Atlantic Ocean with said treasure!

Fabric, do we need more? 
 Loved the fabrics and kits at Border Creek Station.

The most unusual find, yellow mustard Shwe-Shwe fabric from South Africa.   
Meerkat Trading had some of the skirt panels in a very modern design. One size fits all, a set of eight panels of one design is enough to make a skirt.  Cut on the dotted lines, sew together on the solid lines printed on the skirt panels.  Turn the hem up, stitch.  A normal casing is done at the top, insert elastic, wash and it is ready to wear.  See my post on Indigo, fabric and its history here
Love Entwined got two reds.
Just because the fabric was very nice, it followed the golden path home.
 This blue fabric is as bright and vibrant in real life.
 Thread I have been wanting to try out.

Bird panel followed as well, it had Chickadee's on it, Cardianals, Cedarwax Wings and  Blue Jays.
This panel is from:  Sew Little Time,  Cambridge, Ontario.

I also had the pleasure to meet, Joni Newman, from, who designs these patterns.
She is passionate about what she does and had my friend and new quilter next to her in no time, giving her a demonstration,  one on one, how to do her patterns.
To decompress from all the colour, why not book a retreat.....


  1. The vendors mall is very dangerous. Who knows what might follow you home! Enjoy playing with your lovely finds.