Saturday, 25 June 2016

Catching up on Quilts and Challenges!


The Splendid Sampler:
  A few are sewn, not in order.  Have prepared some more blocks, ready for stitching and applique.

Space Invaders:
 This is my space invaders quilt, which ran after washing.  Found these pictures of what it looked like before,  the infamous wash.  Seeing them, made we realize why I loved making this quilt.  So it is now on the list for unpicking and trying to fix the colour run with something Gail, from The Hobby Horse recommended.

My unpicker will be my best friend when I start this mammoth task!

365 Challenge:
These blocks is from May to June the first.  Many more to go.
As we have been gardening lots, it is now time to relax a bit and catch up with other works in progress.  
The garden has a few more things on the to do list, which we are working on.


  1. The gardening will never be done! Sewing forever!
    I really like the blue blocks.

  2. These are all looking wonderful, I think your garden is going to be suffering some neglect sadly :)!

  3. I love your splendid sampler with its french general reds and grays!

  4. Please share what you're going to use to fix your color run. I have a Christmas quilt that is languishing with all the blocks completed because when my iron happened to leak on one of the blocks I realized that a red batik fabric that was used in EVERY SINGLE BLOCK, including for a bazillion stuffed applique berries, was a bleeder. I would love to finish the quilt but now I feel like it's a wasted effort.

    Also, I love your 365 blocks. They remind me of the blue sky and the ocean on a perfect beach day.

  5. Your Splendid Sampler blocks are so beautiful. I love the colors and fabrics. Your 365 challenge blocks are beautiful, too. All of your blocks look perfectly pieced. (I hope to be able to make blocks so well some day!)
    --Nancy. (ndmessier @,