Thursday, 19 May 2016

Tulips and Turrets.

We had to go on a mini road trip today.  Stopped on our way back at Fergus, for a late lunch.
Discovered this restaurant on the river.  A Newfie is a special kind of person in Canada.
The weir in the river in Fergus.
These stone pillars and decorative stones, just reminded me of castle walls and turrets.  Many of the buildings here have stone walls.
The steps lead all the way to the river.  It is closed of in the winter because of ice and snow.  On sunday we did get all the crazy weather, snow, rain, ice pellets and cold.  As you can see the difference a few days can make, sunny today, with not a hint of what the weather brought to us yesterday.  I stayed indoors and caught up on my bargello strip sets which I had to sew.  They are now done, ready for the next step.
 The two colour ways.

The strips have been cross cut in the different widths and awaiting the creating of the new strips, before sewing into rows.
The top's so far:
 Rolled up, with the first skinny border on the left and the first five rows sewn together.
All the strips are prepared and just need to be stitched into rows.
These tulips was beautiful.  They were at our first stop, much earlier in the day!


  1. My brother lived in Fergus, many years ago.

  2. Was wonderful seeing the stone buildings it would looks like some where in Europe not Canada??? Your Bargello is growing so quickly, looking forward to next week and seeing it come together, so many lovely fabrics there. Love those white tulips about to bloom. Hugs Glenda